We can help increase your income with a different Breed of Customer. Internet buyers border on the Impulse side, someone who is ready for your product or service.

NOW and maybe Today!

We take a careful approach to Direct Email Advertising. We mail in smaller batches doing test seed mailings to make sure the mail actually makes it in the inbox. Most mailers just mail it out knowing that most will never hit the inbox. Hey it's not their mailing and they already got the money. Sadly the same company has dozens of store fronts leaving customers wonder what went wrong with the mailings. 

We use Target Verified Lists to insure good mailings.

     Main Features
  • We send both html and text to help make sure most mail will hit the inbox.
  • We target your names, we buy your names before each new job.
  • We verify the names before we mail.
  • We offer great Bullet Proof Web Hosting.
  • We can get bulk friendly pop accounts.
  • We can help you build your own mailing list .
  • We offer a great PPC (pay per click advertising that we use - call us).
  • We offer a list cleaning service, call for prices.
  • We can write great ad copy to help test thye best ads.
  • We can offer a free consultation and help with the plan. Make Money.
  • We strive to provide Premium Services. If you want cheap, go somewhere else.
  • In this business cheaper will allways mean LESS WAY LESS. . .

Treat your business with one of our Super Charged Mailings. If you are making money, then you will make more money.
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Target Names Used

Verified Names Used

Bullet Proof Web Hosting

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